"Photography is such an enjoyable creative outlet for me. It allows me to switch off my brain and connect to my intuitive and creative self. It has driven me to explore the world, notice its beauty, its sadness, its frailty. It has allowed me to connect with people in such deep and rewarding ways. I will forever be grateful for what this art has brought to my life. It is what I wish for all my students.”

Greg Clarke

Professional and Artistic Career

Greg Clarke graduated with a degree in Photography and Art History from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1998. Since then, he has worked as a professional photographer shooting fashion, weddings, sports, portrait and more. Throughout his career, Greg has enjoyed sharing his passion, knowledge and experience with students from all over the world. His teachings have helped new photographers, as well as established artists.

Greg Clarke has been published, and won several photography competitions. Along with images in the permanent collection of the Barcelona Museum of Art, he has had a number of solo fine art exhibitions in Argentina, France, Switzerland and the United States. 



"I settled down recently in Berlin, Germany, my favorite city in the world. It took me a while to find where I belonged though. I grew up in South Africa, France and the United States to a French mother and English father.

Being a multicultural nomad most of my life has fueled my thirst for adventure and new horizons. I may one day be one of those old characters whose stories are so vivid, captivating, and wild that few will believe him. 

I speak fluent French, English and Spanish. My passions include yoga, meditation, acrobatics, cooking and deep conversation."

Greg Clarke