July 26-August 30, 2020
Join us for an exciting, interactive 6 Week LIVE Online photography course with students from around the world.
Share, learn, laugh, and connect to the creative soul within you.
6 Week LIVE ONLINE Course

"To be creative is to be in love with life."



6 Live online classes (2.5-3hr) once a week

Unleashing your full creative potential

Mastering the fundamentals of photography

Develop your own creative vision

Learning in a fun, interactive way

Encouragement and feedback from other artists

Intro To Online Course





Develop Your Own Unique Style

Being able to control your camera, while developing your creative skills through exploration and experimentation.

Create Amazing Images

Learn to shoot great images under any lighting conditions, like harsh midday sun for ex. So often, photographers exclusively shoot at sunset for the golden light. Step out of the comfort zone, and expand your creative palette with the proper guidance.

Interact With Other Artists

The magic of online interaction with other photography students from all over the world will enrich your artistic experience exponentially.

A New Approach To Digital

Find out how to reduce the amount but increase the quality of the images you take. More thought can equal less work and better results.

Full Manual Mode

Take back full creative control of your images by determining the proper exposure settings on your camera yourself.

Camera and Lens Basics

Understanding the benefits and disadvantages of each type of camera and lens will help you tremendously with using your own equipment correctly, as well as when you make future purchases.

Different Styles Of Photography

Each style, from portrait, to documentary or landscape can teach you new skills. You will  have the opportunity to learn and explore them with the insight of a pro to guide you.

Retouching Basics

Learn the most essential photo editing tools to improve the quality of your images and take them from good to great.


"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up."  

Pablo Picasso


6 Professionally-led LIVE ONLINE MODULES  by Greg Clarke (6 Sundays)

Possibility of 30 min private 1-on-1 calls with Greg every week for questions and feedback

A safe, supportive environment to deepen your artistic vision, where we can all learn from our mistakes and successes

Recording of each lesson available to participants to keep for future study

Online training resources to support your learning

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Photography has been a passion of mine since I first picked up a camera in the late 1980s. I taught myself how to develop and print black and white film, and a lifelong passion was born. I was so enamored that I chose to make it my profession by enrolling into Art School. 

Throughout my career, I have gained experience in many styles of photography. There is so much diversity in this art form, so much to learn and explore that my creativity keeps expanding in new, surprising and fun ways. 

I have always enjoyed sharing what knowledge and experience I have with my students. This medium has brought so much pleasure and satisfaction to my life and I want others to experience the same.

I have designed this course so that you can avoid the major pitfalls I have experienced along the way. I want you to get a head start and feel confident in your abilities and knowledge. I want to save you the hassle of trying to figure it all out on your own so that you can start enjoying yourself right away. I am sharing decades of experience and distilling it down to the essentials. 

If you are a beginner, you will hit the ground running and be well on your way to fully appreciating this beautiful creative medium. If you already have experience in photography, but you still rely on your camera to make creative decisions (ie. you use auto or priority mode), or if you want to develop your artistic abilities exponentially, then this is the course for you. 

Greg Clarke

Important Info

  • Classes held live via Zoom App for 2.5-3hrs 

  • Class Days: Every Sunday (July 26, August 2, August 9, August 16, August 23, August 30)

  • Class Times: Sundays at 6:30pm (Paris CEST time zone)

  • Requirements:

- Internet access

- Computer with webcam

- Digital camera with manual settings option


Do I need an expensive camera for this course?
Not at all. Any type of digital camera will suffice, preferably one that has manual settings. You will learn the fundamentals of photography, which will include understanding composition and lighting. You will come to realize that it is not the camera gear that counts ultimately, but creativity, knowledge and skills. 
I am an intermediate photographer. How can I benefit from this course?
This course will teach you how to take back full control of your camera to produce your best work. Your technical know-how and artistic vision will deepen. You will benefit from Greg Clarke's 25 years of experience and input from other students for the full six weeks. The interaction and access to the teacher for questions and feedback is invaluable.
Do you offer any kind of discount to students with low income?
Yes, discounts are being offered according to how financially stable you are, for a limited time because of the Corona Pandemic. Please refer to the booking and investment page for more info. 
Is the teacher available for questions and feedback between classes? 
Yes, you will be able to schedule a private 30 minute online chat with your teacher every week for questions/feedback, if you desire.
Will students be given assignments for each class? 
Yes, every week you will be given a photography assignment related to the topics covered during the class. You will be asked to present your favorite shots of the week to the class for critique.
What are critiques and what are they for? 
A critique is when a student presents his photos to the class for others to comment on. It is a safe and positive environment where students share their honest opinions, suggestions and encouragement. Critiques are crucial to the development of our sensibilities, and creativity. They widen our perspectives, raise our standards. and help us deepen our  artistic visions.
What if I don't have a digital retouching program like Photoshop?
For those who don't have a photo retouching program already, a comprehensive list of free and for sale suggestions will be provided before the course starts.


Before the course, I had an expensive DSLR camera and always would shoot in automatic mode. Now I am the one controlling the camera, not the other way around. I know what settings to use to get the effect I want. I feel much more confident and it shows in my images.'      


'I have a lot of experience in photography, but nevertheless, the classes allowed me to deepen my own artistic style. In fact, I think it is fair to say that now I am also more aware of the beauty around me.'      


'Greg's classes have helped me tremendously, especially with my awareness of lighting and composition. I am much more attentive before taking a photo and therefore take less but they are of much higher quality. Now I can also retouch my images on my computer and I enjoy this work as well.'  


'After taking Greg's course, I feel I've never respected and loved photography this much. The more I've learned, the more motivation I've had. A creative world is opening up for me.'      


"As we are creative beings, our lives become works of art."

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