'A Creative Adventure Into Photography'

6 Week Photography Course

July 26-Aug.30, 2020

As we are facing a worldwide pandemic and lots of economic uncertainty, I'm offering various price-points depending on your financial situation. As the world takes a pause, having a resource like this can be vital and I hope all who really want to access it can feel welcome, while still supporting myself as someone also deeply affected by this economic crisis. 


I ask that you be honest in what you can afford and honor the value of this work, and if you're in an abundant state that you give so that I can continue to support others with lesser means as well as myself. 

Low Income: 'I don't make much money and have a small amount coming in'  (limit to 2 people)

180 €

Regular 'I'm doing OK for money right now!'

240 €

Supportive 'I have plenty of money, savings and am happy to support those who have less!'

290 €