Ed, The Sword Swallowing Rebel

Ed was an unforgettable character. He picked us up hitchhiking and we ended up spending five days with him driving around in his van. He talked about his younger days as a wild man all day long, and at times I'd get so tired of it. But his stories were so fascinating, so unique, that inevitably, I'd get hooked into another one, and be all ears again.

It was difficult to reconcile his battered, barely functioning body with the persona of his youth. Now he could hardly walk. It was sad to see. Here was a man who had been, among other things, a fire-breathing, sword swallowing street performing wild man on the streets of Europe, a man with such thirst for life that he held nothing back. All that was left was that twinkle in his eye, such that you knew every last detail was true.

You could sense the deep sadness. It felt like he had been hanging by a thread to a life he had given all his mighty power to and somehow our presence was revitalizing his spirit. He had a captivated audience once again. He was reliving his wild crazy youth through his storytelling, and we were mesmerized.

You are remembered Ed.

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